Do you find yourself feeling tired all the time? Functional Medicine can help restore your energy by getting to the bottom of the issues that are causing your fatigue. Exhaustion and a lack of energy most likely are a result of what is happening on the inside, or rather, a lack of what is happening. When you are drained of energy it is your body communicating with you that something is not functioning optimally.

Functional Medicine is a science based branch of medicine that focuses on the whole person, not just your symptoms. Treatment for fatigue varies from person to person because the causes are vast. Take the guess work out of it and understand the role of nutrition, micronutrient function, and activity to take back control of your life.

If you’ve struggled with energy or fatique, Contact Dr. Allen for your custom plan and assessment.

“If you’re sitting on a tack, the answer is not to treat the pain with aspirin. The solution is to find the tack and remove it.” Dr. Sidney Baker

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