Meet Our Functional Medicine Team

Dr. Dean Allen

Doctor of Chiropractic,
Masters in Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Dr. Dean Allen has over 20 years of clinical experience as a practitioner and health clinic owner. He received his doctorate in from Parker University in 1998 and completed a Master’s Program in Functional Medicine and Nutrition from the University of Western States in Oregon. He has personally witnessed firsthand how Functional Medicine has healed his patients and changed their lives.

Before opening his Functional Medicine practice, Dr. Allen invested years as a successful chiropractor helping thousands achieve better health. However, as stress and fatigue started affecting his health, and his family members received various diagnoses, Dr. Allen began researching how he could better help them. It was then that the concept of Functional Medicine came across his path and changed his life.

He immediately began applying the basic principles of Functional Medicine to his own life and his family. He closely watched his results and theirs as they started the healing journey of overcoming the glooming labels of autism, dyslexia, asthma, IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other autoimmune diseases. These very personal challenges were catalysts in Dr. Allen’s choice to pursue adding Functional Medicine to his practice. Rest assured, Dr. Allen understands the struggles of his patients since he has lived through them himself.

His completed Master’s program has furthered his ability to provide better care and help his patients, by specifically including Functional Medicine principles in his practice. Implementing lifestyle changes such as nutrition, stress management, and gut health is the cornerstone that allows everyone to achieve their highest potential.

Dr. Allen believes that your diagnoses are not your destiny. He believes that you should have autonomy and control over your health and your body. Overall, Dr. Allen believes in listening, compassion, education, and support! He will be there every step of the way to guide you on your journey to healing and optimal health.


Haley Young 


Haley Young is a nutritionist with a background in clinical and community nutrition. With a broad experience in serving others, Haley has worked in a variety of dietary positions collaborating with healthcare providers and working one-on-one with patients and their families to help them practice better nutrition for their health conditions and lifestyles. While working as a food service coordinator at a children’s shelter, Haley directed the food service program, developed menus, partnered with local food banks and most of all was able to serve children and the community in need.

“Everybody engages with food in their own unique way, and good nutrition is something that we all benefit from on a cellular and even emotional level. Food influences how the body heals and grows, and bringing this importance to light has always driven my service to others.”

“If you’re sitting on a tack, the answer is not to treat the pain with aspirin. The solution is to find the tack and remove it.” Dr. Sidney Baker

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