Weight Management

Obesity statistics continue to rise and rise in the United States as well as many other countries throughout the world. Why? This is definitely a multi-faceted problem. Using Functional Medicine we take a dramatically different approach to obesity. It’s time to look at the whole person to determine the reasons you might be overweight.

The old adage “we are what we eat” is vital to understand. Is your diet mainly whole food or heavily processed? Is your diet nutritious or inflammatory? Do you eat enough foods that are rich in probiotics and other substances that support gut health? Are we taking in environmental toxins?

If you’ve struggled with obesity and attained (or maintained) weight loss, Contact Dr. Allen for your custom plan and assessment.

“If you’re sitting on a tack, the answer is not to treat the pain with aspirin. The solution is to find the tack and remove it.” Dr. Sidney Baker

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